Monday, September 13, 2010

Apples Galore!

We asked our neighbor, after watching their apples ripen and fall to the ground, if we could come gather some of the fruit that had fallen. To our surprise and excitement they told us we could have all the ground fruit and pick as much as we'd like from the tree! LUCKY US! We gleened about 40lbs of small red apples!

Now, what to do with them?!

So far I have come up with:
dried apple slices
canned apple sauce
fresh apple sauce for desert tonight and to pack in kids lunches tomorrow
an apple pie
(insert your genius idea here)...

What else can I make with these tasties?

There is easily another 40lbs of fruit on the tree that we are welcome to, but I did not want to pick it all until I was sure I would use it!

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