Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beet Greens

Ever since I was a child and was told rhubarb leaves were not good to eat, I have always been subconsciously weary of beet greens. We never ate beets or their greens growing up. My family ate very healthy food (a lot of it we grew), but I guess my parents didn't care for beets? Maybe one day I'll remember to ask why they were absent from our plate.

I was making raw beet and goat cheese salad one night, wondering what to do with the greens, and decided to skim the list of "rabbit approved" veggies I keep on the fridge. We have an 8 yro rabbit named Max and she is our own personal cuddly veggie scrap disposal system! When I found beet greens on the list it occurred to me that I could probably be cooking with them! Low and behold, I had been scrapping what is now a staple in our diet!

I love using beet greens in all kinds of dishes. They are especially good roughly chopped and added to stews or simply steamed (which is what I did for lunch today).

Long story short, beet greens are delicious and USABLE!

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